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California Skin Institute is now offering the first FDA-cleared muscle building and body sculpting treatment, EMSCULPT® in San Jose. It’s a non-invasive treatment and the device feels equivalent to an intense workout in only 30 minutes! 





What is EMSCULPT®?

The First

EMSCULPT® is the first and only body sculpting and muscle building device in the world.


EMSCULPT® requires no needles, no injections, no surgery, and no anesthesia. It’s like an hour in the gym, but shorter. 


FDA cleared to strengthen, firm and tone the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and calves.

Feels Great

A single EMSCULPT® treatment equals 20,000 crunches or squats in just 30 minutes.

How does EMSCULPT® work?

EMSCULPT® uses high-frequency electro-magnetic technology or HIFEM technology to contract the targeted muscle areas. Using EMSCULPT®, you can target your abs, glutes, arms, thighs, and calves for a thirty-minute session equating to 20,0000 sit-ups or squats. 

While EMSCULPT® is contracting the target muscle areas, it also stimulates the lymphatic system, removing lactic acid, which can build up while working out. This build-up can result in horrible cramps after a normal workout, but with EMSCULPT® you won’t feel sore the next day.

What can I expect during treatment?

A trained California Skin Institute practitioner will secure the EMSCULPT® device to the targeted areas. During an EMSCULPT® treatment, the device will make your muscles contract repeatedly through high-frequency electro-magnetic technology without breaking a sweat. 

The treatment lasts 30 minutes and there are no needles, injections, surgery or anesthesia. Most people start seeing results days after their first session. 

Is there any recovery time?

EMSCULPT® does not require any injections, surgery or anesthesia, it’s a totally non-invasive treatment to build muscle and sculpt your body. Most patients have no downtime whatsoever; others have muscle soreness commensurate with a good gym workout! You can come in during a lunch break and 30 minutes later you are back to work without looking like you went to the gym.

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Who’s a candidate for EMSCULPT®?

Feature one

Candidates who are already living a healthy lifestyle and are exercising regularly will see the best results as EMSCULPT® helps build muscle. The device will help accelerate their results and build muscle faster by toning abs, glutes, or arms without any surgery. 

Feature two

Everyone has those problem areas where no amount of regular exercise seems to make a difference, such as the abdominal area. A strong core can improve posture, self esteem, and can decrease lower back pain due to a weak core.

Try EMSCULPT® to help build muscle and sculpt your body where no amount of regular exercise seems to make a difference and accelerate your results.

EMSCULPT® & the Gym

EMSCULPT® helps you burn the fat and keep it off, by building muscle and targeting abs, glutes, arms, thighs, and calves. 

During one session of EMSCULPT®, the device will contract your muscles equating to around 20,000 crunches or squats. Which is more than a person can do in an hour gym session, without even breaking a sweat. Add EMSCULPT®® to your fitness routine for the best results.

Cost of EMSCULPT®?

The cost of EMSCULPT® varies depending on your goals and the targeted areas dictating the number of sessions. California Skin Institute’s trained practitioners will help create a customized plan tailored to your goals and budget. You can also finance treatments through CareCredit.


If you are interested in financing your EMSCULPT® treatments CreditCare is available and has multiple options for anyone's needs.

Request a consultation and try EMSCULPT® to help build muscle and sculpt your body where no amount of regular exercise seems to make a difference and accelerate your results.

EMSCULPT® treatments

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